Misty Hollow Mares

Our mares have proven that they are exceptional trail horses before they are ever considered for breeding. They are trail ridden extensively as 2, 3 and 4 year olds and are often shown locally as well.  They prove that they can handle a variety of situations with poise, consistently give a smooth, comfortable ride and do it all with a pleasant, willing attitude.

Velvet Deer

TWBEA Reg. # 968754

Senator's Gentleman x Velvet's Foxy Lady


$1200 (bred for 2015 guaranteed palomino or buckskin foal)

Velvet is one of the sweetest mares that you could imagine.  And she raises sweet, sane, loving babies with smooth easy gaits.  She's had quite a few for us, all of which did us proud.  She was a great trail mare as a 2,3 and 4 year old, but has pretty much been a broodmare since.  We gave her a year off in 2012, but she is bred this year (2013) back to Gambler for a Sweet, well-gaited buckskin or palomino foal for 2014.  She is for sale as we need to decrease our number of mares.


Velvet delivered a healthy, lovely palomino stud colt on March 6th.  He is as friendly and sweet as she is.  It appears that he is going to be a big, tall horse when grown.  I plan to rebreed Velvet in 30 days and she will remain for sale at $1200 available after the colt is weaned.  Should you choose to purchase Velvet and the colt, the price is $2200 until he is weaned.

TWHBEA iPeds-Velvet

Lovely palomino sabino filly by Gambler's Flash of Gold born 4-2-12.

Note:  This little girl has changed into a buckskin.

Redbud’s Fancy Chance

NFF Wilson's Society King X Chance's Genarose

May 2010 Palomino Mare

3/4 Heritage breeding

ee Aa CrNcr

TWHBEA Reg. # 21001272                                                       $4500                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             t price                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

8-9-13  I have decided to sell Fancy as we are becoming inundated with mares.  Am having to make the hard choices.  Fancy is wonderful, smooth and sane under saddle.  Her slow rack is like silk and very consistent.   She has never given a moments trouble.  She is currently doing 3-4 hour rides twice weekly in our surrounding hills.  Some areas are quite steep and rocky.  There are creeks, mudholes, cutovers, thick brush and thick forest, trash dumps(unfortunately),old buildings, hay rolls and all sorts of equipment, hard surface roads and traffic.  None of which bother her.  She has not been spooky at all and takes everything in stride.  She does fine on the trail alone or in company.  She is not barn or buddy sour.  She is shown at a rack in the videos.  Chad, the rider, is a racking man.  She will do a walk and running walk with the appropriate rider, but I dont have any video of it.  She is current on EWTRF, West Nile and Rabies vaccines and of course deworming.  She is keg shod on the front.  She has had no health problems at all.  She is 15.1 and growing.  She stays in good shape, despite working and growth being kept on pasture.  She will stay in a stall without a problem, but is happier outdoors.

3-12-14  I rode Fancy this weekend for the first time.  She has been being ridden by Chad and Summer.  She was perfect for me.  Smooth, motivated without being pushy, not spooky and took a break when I asked and stood as quiet as you could ask for.  We went by a new building site with big equipment, banging, ditches, lots of commotion, and not a sideways step.  She did everything I asked so willingly.  Just a wonderful attitude.  Makes me wonder whether I should let her go or not.  


3-13-2012  Fancy had her first ride today.  No rodeo, just figuring out how to do what we ask.

Royal’s Queen of Fashion

TWHBEA Reg. #20007465

Pride's Royal Master x Rosella Chance

Heritage Outcross


Bred to Gambler's Flash of Gold for a June 2013 foal

Queen had this chestnut filly on April 22.

She is out of Society's Dan Allen.

Welcome Redbud's Rena.

MHF Society Spice

TWHBEA Reg. # 20801343

NFF Wilson's Society King x Merry Wonder Liz

Heritage/Foundation Breeding


TWHBEA iPeds-Spice

Spice is a wonderful ride.  Trail or show.  Smooth in all gaits and consistent.  Also very showy, stylish and a real eye catcher.   She is very sweet and loving as well.  She is bred to Gambler for a January 2014 foal.  Cant wait.











Gabriella Mist

TWHBEA Reg. # 20503730

Double for your Trouble x Bum's Double Mist  


Bred to Gambler's Flash of Gold for a May 2013 foal

Sassy is a wonderful, sensible trail and show mare.  She has a smooth, consistent, stylish rack with a fair amount of speed as well.







TWHBEA iPeds-Sassy

Sassy had a cremello (eeAaCrCr) stud colt on May 11.

He will be for sale at weaning.

Gambler's Moonshine Mist





Tango’s Daisy Mae

TWHBEA Reg. # 20002049

Tango's Golden Child x Bum's Double Mist


Bred to Gambler's Flash of Gold for a February 2013 foal

For Pedigree – TWHBEA iPeds-Daisy

An instant favorite trail mare to anyone who rides her.  She is smooth, consistent and steady with the motor you want. 









Daisy blessed us with healthy, handsome buckskin sabino colt on February 4th, 2013.

Echo’s Midnight Angel

TWHBEA # 20412326

Society's Dan Allen x Sun's Midnight Myriah

Certified Heritage Mare


Bred to Gambler's Flash of Gold for an April 2013 foal

For Pedigree – TWHBEA iPeds-Angel


March 17, 2013 On St. Patrick's Day, Angel gave birth to a handsome palomino stud colt, "Paddy".










Angel is bred to Gambler for a March 2014 foal.

Looking forward to it with anticipation.


Chance’s Genarose

100_4891TWHBEA Reg. # 20313379

Royal Ivory x Rosella Chance

Cremello Heritage Outcross Mare


For Pedigree – TWHBEA iPeds-Gena


Gena is one of the sweetest mares that I have ever known.  A real love.  If she sees you anywhere, she'll be coming.  She has a long strided flat walk and running walk that I could ride all day.  She's spook free on the trail and goes wherever you point.  Her babies are born with the same loving personality and natural gait.  She has been camping and on various rides with a lot or few horses.  She also does fine alone on the trail.  We were camping over July 4th a while back and some crazy person set off fireworks in the campground.  There were horses breaking lines and running everywhere.  Not Gena.  She stood quietly alert on her picket line. She is safe for any level rider.   

Gena had a smokey black tobiano colt on 7-3-12.  They both did well despite triple digit temperatures.  He's a tall, beautifully marked baby with a wonderful sweet temperment just like his mom.





June 2013 – Gena had a lovely, sweet perlino filly by Gambler.  Josey was quite early but very strong and healthy.


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