Misty Hollow Mares


           100_4214+2100_4214+2100_4214+2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Our mares have proven that they are exceptional trail horses before they are ever considered for breeding.  They are trail ridden extensively as 2, 3 and 4 year olds and are often shown locally as well.  They prove that they can handle a variety of situations with poise, consistently give a smooth, comfortable ride and do it all with a pleasant, willing attitude.

Royal’s Queen of Fashion

TWHBEA Reg. #20007465                                             100_5319

Pride's Royal Master x Rosella Chance

Heritage Outcross


TWHBEA iPeds – Queen

Queen is a lovely sweet mare who is a wonderful mother.  She  has 75% heritage lines.  Lots of great old breeding.  She is not broke to ride but I have seen her perform a beautiful running walk in the pasture.  A sight to behold.  She has a loving personality and all of her babies here have been very friendly as well.     

MHF Society Spice

TWHBEA Reg. # 20801343                                          100_3700+1

NFF Wilson's Society King x Merry Wonder Liz

Heritage/Foundation Breeding


TWHBEA iPeds-Spice

Spice is a wonderful ride.  Trail or show.  Smooth in all gaits and consistent.  Also very showy, stylish and a real eye catcher.   She is very sweet and loving  and proved to be a wonderful mother with her first baby Merribelle (2014).

Gabriella Mist

TWHBEA Reg. # 20503730                                                 100_0838+2

Double for your Trouble x Bum's Double Mist  



TWHBEA iPeds-Sassy

Sassy is a sweet and sensible trail and show mare.  She has a consistent, stylish rack with quite a bit of speed and is a real joy to ride.  She comes from some old lines that I love.









Tango’s Daisy Mae

TWHBEA Reg. # 20002049                                               100_3724                                                                                                         

Tango's Golden Child x Bum's Double Mist


For Pedigree – TWHBEA iPeds-Daisy

An instant favorite trail mare to anyone who rides her.  She is smooth, consistent and steady with the motor you want. Lots of proven trail and show lines on this girl and her babies so far are doing great jobs for their owners.











Echo’s Midnight Angel

TWHBEA # 20412326                                               100_4468

Society's Dan Allen x Sun's Midnight Myriah

Certified Heritage Mare


For Pedigree – TWHBEA iPeds-Angel

Angel is a smooth gaited, brave and good minded trail mare. She is a true pleasure on the trail.  They don't come any better.  The babies she has had have all been sweet, naturally gaited and very easy to get along with.  She's only had one filly, Sarah, and I plan to keep her.  Sarah is doing great under saddle.  I plan to breed Angel to Carbonado's Bay at the Moon this spring for a 2016 spring baby.  This baby will be full heritage breeding.




























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